Open Plantbook

This is FREE service and it will always be free! Anyone can use information from the database for any purpose without permission.

It is intended to be community sourced and I see it as a GitHub for plant care recipes.

The purpose is to help the community with collecting and storing structured information about plants care and potentially plants in general.

The service is live so you can login, get API credentials and start using that. BTW, there is a social Single SignOn so you don’t even have to register.

The documentation is within Web UI and in GitHub.

Discord chat link if you have suggestions, questions or need support.


  • Ability to lodge request for specific plants information to be added to DB
  • Plant detection API from images
  • And many other ideas which are blowing my mind…

Please take a look. Let me know what is working well and what is not working at all. Any thoughts and feedback will be much appreciated. I’m open to feature requests and your ideas!

HASS integrations

Plant component:
lovelace-flower-card for UI:

Latest Updates:

Release 2209 (19 September 2022)

UI updates:

  • Added validation when saving a modified Public Plant. User cannot save modified public plant if its no attributes have been modified.
  • Added stylised notifications to reflect results of operations
  • Added “Category” when creating and modifying plants
  • Other minor UI fixes and improvements

API updates and changes (see API documentation for details):

  • Plant Search endpoint now returns combined user + public plants result with deduplication.
  • Plant Search results now include plant’s Category.
  • Introduced search selector “userplant” to Plant Search endpoint. Now it is possible to search public and user plants, and get separate (user/public) and combined results.
  • Plant Details endpoint returns extra field “‘user_plant’: True” if resulting plant is user-plant.
  • Added “Category” field when creating and modifying plants


  • Updated web framework and libraries to the secure and vulnerabilities free versions.

19 August 2022:

New enhanced integration for Home Assistant has been released.
GitHub link.
HASS forum link.

25 May 2022:

Now all plant image requests are proxied/cached using CloudFlare servers across the globe so images are fast to download independently on your location on the planet.

20 July 2021

OpenPlantbook 1.04

Major UI update. Now Users can:

  • Modify existing Public-Plants using “Modify” button in Browse DB.
  • Add new Plants using “Add Plant” button in side Menu. Plant is cloned into User-Plant and visible in “My Plants” side menu.
  • Modify own User-Plants via “My Plants” side menu.
  • The only way to delete User-Plant at the moment is via API DELETE call. UI-based deletion will be available in next release.

The detailed documentation about UI Add/Modify operations is available in Wiki

26 December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New year, everyone.

New major release of Open Plantbook 1.03. It is now possible to create new plants and update existing ones via API.

Release notes and documentation:

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