About us

Hi there!

I’m Slava Pisarevskiy founder of Plantbook.

My background is software and systems engineering so as you can imagine I’m not super guru at growing plants yet. But as an engineer, I’m absolutely fascinated about plants, especially what makes them alive and how nature works there. We with my wife have some plants

I believe that many people’d love to have plants but they don’t go for it because it is time consuming and sometimes stressful activity especially using trial and error approach. Moreover, these days we already have enough things to think about and for example keeping watering schedule feels too much. 

The result, people avoid to have beautiful peace of nature at home. Or plants suffer without proper care cause stress.

In addition to this, I also believe that plants and agriculture as a whole is a crutial area for entire planet especially considering food and water shortage in some areas. In the coming future the problems will be getting bigger and bigger unless we start solving them. In future, we will also need technologies to grow edible plants for space exploration.

Hence, I firmly believe that modern technologies can make the process of growing plants not only easier but more efficient from resources prospective.

I’d love to talk whether you share my beliefs or completely disagree 🙂

Please reach me out on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plantbook.io

Discord chat: https://discord.gg/yXKUpK7Pc5

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